Towards Intercultural Citizenship and Social Justice

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Intercultural Citizenship + De-centering Whiteness

The project is intended to facilitate discussion and dialog by inviting experts in order to learn collaboratively about these complex topics from a variety of perspectives. The team positions itself as co-learners and co-facilitators to collectively aim for change in area studies curricula. Each phase includes experts from within and without UConn to participate in the conversation and the collaboration.

"This effort seeks to de-center whiteness in language education by developing and implementing curricula, learning materials and teaching methods that truly reflect the diversity and cultural variety of modern-day societies and help uncover the oppression that minoritized students often suffer and that dominant groups perpetuate. This initiative will involve a series of lectures, a symposium, and a graduate student working group, along with developing a plan to implement theories, approaches, practices, and assessments towards decolonized curricula."

UConn Today, "New CLAS Programs Support Anti-Racist Teaching, Research and Community Engagement," September 28, 2020


  • Fall and Spring 2020-2021: a launch event and 5 lectures on a diversity of topics related to decolonizing the curriculum
  • Spring 2021: Graduate Student Working Group holds monthly meetings to discuss the lectures and accompanying readings and co-create the symposium
  • May 2021: a 2-day symposium that brings together experts, teachers, faculty, and graduate students to explore, examine and disseminate best practices. The goal is to build, collaboratively, a plan to implement theories, approaches, practices, and assessments towards decolonized curricula
  • Fall and Spring 2021-2022: pilot the implementation of a curriculum that integrates lessons learned and form collaborative teams to publish the findings of all three phases to share results and approaches with yet larger teaching and research communities



Project Timeline Awareness building - Curriculum and Course Development - Implementation and Multiplication


  • Double Lecture with Q&A: Ervin Malakaj & Terry Osborn
    Ervin Malakaj Assistant Professor of German Studies, University of British Columbia Injuries sustained by historical injustice cannot be undone. Tending to restitution and reparation might offer temporary solutions. But, as Stefano Harney and Fred Moten note, aiming for better life under injurious systems is an inadequate aim. For many who suffer historic injuries there is […]
    Posted on January 3, 2021
  • Dwight Lewis’ Fall 2020 Lecture
    Dwight Lewis In the Wake: Anton Wilhelm Amo December 2, 2020, 2:30pm (Zoom) Dwight K Lewis Jr, an assistant professor of philosophy at the University of Central Florida, spent the previous academic year as a Postdoctoral Mellon Fellow at Pennsylvania State University where he began work on a manuscript about Anton Wilhelm Amo’s philosophical system, […]
    Posted on November 19, 2020
  • Double Lecture with Q&A: Nicole Coleman & José Aldemar Álvarez Valencia
    Nicole Coleman Assistant Professor of German, Wayne State University When I teach literature classes and courses on intercultural competence, students often focus on sameness. “We are all more alike than not” they conclude and connect this to a hope that if everyone understood the common humanity of people of different racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds, […]
    Posted on March 10, 2021

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